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Exclusive Wine Range

Value centre is your destination for quality wines at exceptional prices!

We have a range of exclusive wines under €10 RSP in addition to a wide and varied selection of branded wines at great prices.

Value Centre understands that some customers are not always confident when it comes to choosing wines. Our wine range was developed with this in mind and aims to take the risk out of buying wine. Our understanding of shoppers and trends, coupled with an extensive knowledge of wine, makes this range perfect for those looking for great wine at great price points.

To develop this range, Value Centre’s resident wine expert, Gill O’Meara, has worked extensively and directly with a number of reputable wine producers in Europe and further afield, testing each wine from the premium to the inexpensive for taste and quality.

Using a price point system from €7.99 to €9.99 and providing you with all the information you need to choose the right range, the Value Centre exclusive wine range not only makes sense for your customers, but for your business also!


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